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VITEBSK State Medical University

VITEBSK State Medical University is one of the largest and most distinguished medical university of higher education in Belarus with more than 12000 students from 43 countries. Established in 1934, It is 85 years old plus Government medical university. Vitebsk State Medical University is famous for its quality in medical education. The quality management system of the university meets the international ISO 9001 standards.

Vitebsk State Medical University is approved by MCI and WHO. This college is accredited by ECFMG. The university experienced constant positive developmental changes over period of time and emerged as a leading medical university of Eastern Europe which attracting lot of medical degree aspirants from all over the world.

Facilities In VITEBSK State Medical University

  • 6 Academic Buildings.
  • 15 Clinical sites
  • 8 Hostels, 3 Canteens, Medical Library
  • Sport gyms, stadium, health and fitness centers.
  • Scientific Laboratory.
  • VSMU- owned clinic, Dental Clinic.
  • Educational manufacturing- Drug store.
  • Practical skills and medical simulation learning centre.
  • University Hotel Complex.
  • Center of Transfer of Medical and Pharmaceutical Technologies.

  • Dentistry.
  • Pharmaceutical Faculty.
  • Stomatology Faculty.
  • Faculty of Overseas Students Training.
  • 64 Specialties of clinical residency.
  • Faculty Of Advanced Training in Pedagogy and Psychology.
  • Faculty of Advanced Training and Personnel Development.
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    Salient Features Of M.D Program & Advantages

    Studying in VITEBSK State Medical University has several plus points. The students not only get some desires advantages, but also they receive amble scope to prove themselves in the professional field. Some of the features of programs under VITEBSK State Medical University are as follows.

    Library Facility

    The Vitebsk State Medical University possesses a well equipped library. It is a structural unit of the University which provides its collection to the students and academic staff with thousands of printed materials and e-records.

    The goal of the Library is to provide appropriate scientific teaching and methodical manuals and other literature in order to raise and deepen the theoretical and practical knowledge of students and academic personnel and of invited teachers.

    Student Activities

    There are several clubs available for the students. Sports activities are present like basketball, football, volleyball, tennis etc. Internet services available for the students and they will also get a chance to study foreign languages. Basically, Vitebsk State Medical University provides all the modern amenities to the students to develop both mentally and physically.