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Open School Students Granted NEET Eligibility By Supreme Court

Open School Students Granted NEET Eligibility by Supreme Court

The supreme court has allowed students of open schools recognized by CBSE and state education boards to be recognized by the National Medical council for the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET).

Students from open schools had limited chances in the past due to barriers to taking medical entrance tests. That being said, the ruling by the Supreme Court gives these students more opportunities to fulfil their ambition of becoming physicians. Assuring justice in the competitive field of medical education also honours their potential.

For students of open schools, this decision comes as a beacon of hope and opportunity. It validates their hard work and dedication, reaffirming their right to aspire and achieve. With access to NEET, they can now pursue their passion for medicine and contribute to society as qualified healthcare professionals.

In essence, the Supreme Court’s ruling is a win for inclusivity, fairness, and the fundamental right to education. It sets a precedent for recognizing and accommodating diverse educational pathways, ultimately enriching the fabric of the medical profession with a wider range of perspectives and talents. Medwin Overseas wishing all aspiring medical professionals the very best for NEET UG 2024!

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